Counselling Services at Fertility FusionHere at Fertility Fusion we are proud to offer a specialised and professional counselling service for people undergoing fertility treatment with us.

We understand that fertility problems and treatments can be a difficult, both physically and emotionally. It is really common to feel anxious, stressed and even depressed as a result, which can affect your own well-being but also your relationships (even with your partner). Not everyone will be able to understand what you are going through and some people do not what to share that they have fertility problems and are undergoing treatment.

This is where counselling can be really helpful. With very few exceptions (for example where somebody might be at risk of harm) the sessions you will have with your counsellor are confidential and what you say will never be shared with anyone including other unit staff.

Our counsellors are specially trained and there for you to help you through your fertility journey. We have both male and female counsellors. Counselling is available at any time throughout your treatment – before you begin, during and after. Appointments are available Monday to Friday.